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Perfomania for Venues and Presenters/Promoters

7 reasons why you should sign up to Perfomania:

  • 1Powerful search engine: find the information you are looking for
  • 2Promote your shows through our direct email notification technology
  • 3Discover new and emerging talent
  • 4Contact all artists, representing agents and managers directly
  • 5Expand your online ticket sales capabilities
  • 6Simple, intuitive technology
  • 7"Pay as you go": inexpensive, no hidden fees

What we say:

"There simply is no other musical community on the internet that offers such a precise, easy-to-use search engine based on any aspect of an artist's career. For example, in just 2 seconds you can find who has the Rigoletto in his repertoire, what his next shows are and what agency represents him! Not to mention that you can look through the artist's pictures and listen to audio samples at the same time...

And with a Presenter/Promoter Package, we will also include direct email marketing campaigns and online ticket sales capabilities, just to make your life that much easier..."

Julie Kagan

founder, Perfomania.com

What you get by subscribing to Perfomania:

  • Use our professional search engine to find any artist based on their genre, repertoire, role, voice, instrument, performances, and more!
  • Use our automatic invitation and notification campaign technology to promote all of your upcoming shows and events. Establish a new market base.
  • Publish your shows and events on our site, for thousands to see
  • Directly connect with artists and their agencies and managers
  • Use our online ticket sales engine or expand your own (coming soon).
  • Find talented, emerging musicians in one of the fastest-growing music communities on the Internet.

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