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Perfomania for Record Labels

7 reasons why use Perfomania:

  • 1Control your online musical content and set your own prices in our catalog
  • 2Check online sales and marketing reports instantly
  • 3Electronically transfer money from your Perfomania online account to your bank account
  • 4Upload music yourself or let us do it for you
  • 5Showcase and promote your artists
  • 6Intuitive, simple and convenient technology
  • 7Pay only a small sale transaction fee

What we say:

"There simply is no other musical download service provider on the Internet that can offer such flexibility to record labels:
Upload your music or let us upload it for you, set your own prices, continuously monitor your sales report, and instantly transfer money from your online account to your bank account: what could be better?"

Julie Kagan

founder, Perfomania.com

What you get by subscribing to Perfomania:

  • Control the price of your downloadable music content: finally! Only Perfomania lets you set and update prices in our iTunes-like catalog.
  • Get instant online sales reports: Filter by artist, album, track, and sales period.
  • Transfer money electronically to your bank account: Monitor how much you've made and instantly transfer money to your bank account. How long did you have to wait for the last check from your online distributor:?
  • Create artist web pages or let artists do it themselves: it has never been easier! Think of Perfomania as an upscale department store for your artists: would you rather showcase in a street kiosk or in Bloomingdale's?
  • Upload your music or let us do it for you: some people like complete control of the process.
  • Control the digital quality of your music: make it even more attractive!

Contact us about creating your account and uploading large volumes of music content.

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