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Perfomania for Artists

7 reasons why you should sign up to Perfomania:

(actually, there are only 3 reasons: promote, make money and save!)

  • 1Showcase in a place that attracts agents, record labels, presenters/promoters, and professional music critics promote
  • 2Upload your music and sell it directly from your web page and from our online Music Catalog make money
  • 3Network. Find new listeners promote
  • 4Publish all of your performances and events. Perfomania will add them to our list of performances and invite your listeners and friends promote
  • 5Create electronic audio/visual press kits and email them to multiple recipients promote
  • 6Intuitive, simple and convenient technology save time
  • 7"Pay as you go": inexpensive, no hidden fees save money

What others say:

"What a great idea!"

Romero Lubambo

Brazilian jazz, Guitar

"I am instantly connected anywhere in the world and can share files with all of my agents. It's incredibly easy and well-developed technology."

Vladimir Chernov

Opera, Baritone

"Congratulations, you have really created something exciting with Perfomania:"

Camille Zamora,

Opera, Soprano

What you get by subscribing to Perfomania:

  • Showcase and become part of a music community that can be easily browsed by agents, presenters/promoters and record labels: by instrument, genre, repertoire, role, voice, anything!
  • Upload your music, set your prices and sell! From your web page and from our iTune-like Music Catalog. Instantly see how much you have made and transfer money to your bank account. Seriously, it could not be easier than that:.
  • How much does the opportunity to be reviewed by a professional music critic cost? It's priceless, and here: it's free.
  • Secure access to your schedule, documents and media files: anytime, anywhere
  • A comprehensive, interactive online performance schedule with a built-in invitation mechanism
  • Electronic Press Kits with unlimited space for media files: email hundreds of recipients at once, quickly and painlessly
  • Instantly share files with your agents and colleagues: contracts, images, audio, photos, bio, promotional materials: did we forget anything?
  • Build a network of friends and showcase your music on their sites: Perfomania allows listeners to create their own playlists from any song on the site!

Subscription Plan:

Account Type Features Space
Free All features except music sales Up to 10MB space Free
Junior All Features Up to 100 MB space $9.99/month or $99/year
Basic All Features Up to 250 MB space $14.99/month or $150/year
Professional All Features Up to 500 MB space $19.99/month or $200/year
Custom All Features Custom space Contact us
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