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Perfomania for Agents and Managers

7 reasons why use Perfomania:

  • 1Save time and money
  • 2Boost productivity and communication
  • 3Get a contemporary set of business, marketing and promotional tools
  • 4Showcase your artists
  • 5Be ahead of your competition
  • 6Intuitive, simple and convenient technology
  • 7"Pay as you go": inexpensive, no hidden fees

What others say:

"Incredible communication tool for all of our clients and presenters/promoters. This is the future of the industry."

John Miller

President, Pinnacle Arts Management

"I love the fact that my assistant can update all client information and I can immediately have access to it from anywhere in the world! No more phone calls: It's so easy to use."

Ana De Archuleta

President, ADA Artist Management, LLC

"A revolution in the artist management business"

Robert Lombardo

President, Robert Lombardo and Associates

What you get by subscribing to Perfomania:

  • Save time, time, time! By saving just 30 minutes a day using Perfomania, you have fully covered the cost of using it.
  • Instant, secure access to all of your artists' schedules, documents and media files: anytime, anywhere
  • Quick, targeted artist availability search: by repertoire, instrument, type of voice, role, date, location, and more.
  • Comprehensive, interactive online schedule: with one click, move confirmed contracts and events directly to artists' calendars
  • Electronic artist Press Kits with unlimited space for media files: email hundreds of recipients at once, quickly and painlessly
  • Instantly share files with your artists: contracts, images, audio, photos, bio, promotional materials: did we forget anything?
  • Create artist web pages or let artists do it themselves: it has never been easier! Think of Perfomania as an upscale department store for your artists: would you rather showcase in a street kiosk or in Bloomingdale's?
  • Automatic email notification campaigns: just schedule when you want Perfomania to send invitations to your artists' concerts and shows.

You can also build online networks of your artists' listeners, sell single tracks or albums through our iTunes-like Music Catalog, or increase your artists' Internet exposure through our online search engines.

Perfomania offers a monthly subscription plan of $99/per month.
Group rates based on the total number of users in the company are available.

Contact us about creating your account!

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