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St.Petersburg Concert Singers

St.Petersburg Concert Singers - Ensemble (Vocal)
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Ensemble (Vocal)
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Represented by:Natalia Komarova,director
The St.Petersburg Concert Singers was established in 1996 on the initiative of musicians, inspired by the common idea of choir singing.
The choir consists of professional singers who graduated from the St.Petersburg Conservatory. The repertoire is comprised of masterpieces of Sacred Russian Music, European and Russian Classical works of different periods, as well as transcriptions of Folk songs. The group has performed to critical acclaim in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Columbia and the Netherlands. They have presented programs at several international festivals.

In 2004 the choir took part in the Montreux Choral Festival and won two prizes- "Exellent" and "Prix du Public"

Appealingly personal style and brilliant artistry enable the "St.Petersburg Concert Singers" to make chamber and sacred music an enriching experience for its audiences.

Biography of conductor Mikhail Golikov:

Mikhail Golikov was born in 1980 St. Petersburg, Russia. He started his musical education in St. Petersburg Conservatory’s special music school and then entered the Conservatory itself. Finishing the Conservatory in 2003 he achieved the grade of choir conductor (professor’s S. Legkov and A. Titov courses). M. Golikov became a laureate of the Urlov’s International Choir conducting Competition in 2001 and of the Russian National Young conductor Competition in 2002.
From 1999 Mikhail Golikov manages the choir of St. Petersburg State University of Technology and works as art-director and conductor of Youth chamber choir “The St. Petersburg Voices”. Also Mikhail is a teacher of young conductor’s class in St. Petersburg University of Culture and Art. As symphonic conductor assists to professor V. Sinaysky
(St. Petersburg Conservatory).
Mikhail Golikov already made several tours in Europe (Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Poland), participated in various international projects, in particular with Maurice Bigarre in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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