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Anatoli Kotscherga

Anatoli Kotscherga - Singer, Bass
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Singer, Bass
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War and Peace
  1. War and Peace, Opera National de Paris
    "...while Anatoli Kotscherga richly delivers Marshal Kutuzov's deeply felt monolgue of faith in the Russian people, the musical high point of the war scenes".
  2. War and Peace, Opera National de Paris
    "La seconde partie est dominee par l'ecrasante stature d'Anatoli Kotscherga, qui est un admirable Marechal Koutouzov: voix de basse etonnante."
  1. Khovanshchina, Opera National de Paris
    "The fine cast was headed by two basses Anatoli Kotscherga, as the immensly sonorous Dosifei..."
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